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About the BIA Hackathon 2023

The BIA Hackathon is designed to attract Qatar’s ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs to create and share their creative ideas and solutions to tackle challenges across 5 industry-specific themes, Fintech, FashionTech, SportsTech, Enabling Customers Experience and Operational Solutions for Digital Transformation.

Hackathon’s Theme

The latest edition of the BIA Hackathon seeks innovative business models in the digital transformation sphere, such as marketplaces, subscription-based applications, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), across the following themes:



Seeking innovative ideas that leverage digital design and cutting-edge programming to transform operations for businesses and consumers across any industry, with a specific focus on the themes below:


Disinformation and Deepfakes, Cybersecurity Education Gamification,
Cybersecurity Compliance Tools, Cloud-Based Incident Response Solutions for SMEs

EnergyTech / CleanTech

Sustainable energy solutions and innovations, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.


Smart mobility solutions, parking, delivery, connectivity, and visitor experience.


Optimizing supply chain, sustainable production / farming, and food waste management



Digital & Beyond, in partnership
with Oordoo, is looking at how the
telecom and digital service
industries can capture, respond,
and enhance the customer
experience. Solutions can be
focused on any stage of the
customer journey across the
themes below:

Internet of Things (IoT)

Focuses on connected devices and systems, exploring innovative use cases for IoT across various industries.

Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Explores the development and application of AI and ML technologies, including natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive modelling.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

Focuses on immersive technologies, exploring applications for AR and VR across various industries.



Ideas that solve real problems for
athletes, coaches, sports
companies, and fans to create the
future of sports technology.

Fans & Viewers

Enhancing the spectator experience, exploring innovations in fan engagement, stadium technology, and content delivery.

Athletes and Teams

Explores new technologies and tools to improve athlete performance, injury prevention, and training methods, as well as team management and strategy.


Focuses on the growing field of competitive video gaming, exploring new platforms, games, and fan engagement strategies.


Focuses on media and broadcasting innovations, exploring new ways to deliver and monetize sports content, including live streaming, social media, and personalized content.



Cutting-edge startups in the
financial technology sector
pushing boundaries and driving
innovation, both locally and


Focuses on payment innovations, exploring new payment methods, systems, and platforms, including mobile payments, contactless payments, and digital wallets.


Explores technological innovations in the insurance industry, including new underwriting models, claims processing, and customer engagement strategies.

Loan-Based Crowd Funding

Focuses on peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms that enable borrowers to access financing from individual investors, including debt crowdfunding models.

Buy Now, Pay Later

A form of short-term financing that allows consumers to make purchases and repay them in convenient ways over time.



Disruptive ideas that merge
fashion and technology to create
novel solutions for enhancing the
fashion consumer experience.

Fashion in Metaverse

The Metaverse represents a virtual world where it is possible to experiment to find innovative solutions for brands and designers to engage Gen Z and other tech-savvy, young consumers.

Gaming meets Fashion

With the rise of gaming in fashion, brands are now thinking beyond traditional marketing to find creative ways to actually drive traffic to commerce destinations.

Why apply to the BIA Hackathon?

Each winning team will receive up to QAR 25,000 Pre-Investment Award to further develop their idea

Access to EARLY-STAGE investment and support services

Direct access to QDB INCUBATION PROGRAMS for follow-on investment

The opportunity to expand your EARLY-STAGE of collaborators and partners

Access to local & international COACHES to accelerate your learning

The opportunity to pitch to INVESTORS to validate your business idea

Key Dates

12 June 2023

Application Submission Deadline

13 June 2023

Idea Selection

15-17 June 2023

Hackathon Weekend

Design, build,
and submit
the pitch for
your idea

18 June 2023

Pitching Day

20 June 2023


21 June 2023

Onboarding Session

Winners will continue with 90-days coaching & enrollment in the
Incubation Program



Is the problem being addressed significant enough?


Does the proposed idea or business model have the potential to make an impact?


Does the team have the necessary skills, expertise, and vision to implement on the idea?


Is the idea directly relevant to the theme?



What is the BIA Hackathon?

The BIA Hackathon is designed to attract Qatar’s ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs to share their creative ideas and solutions to tackle challenges in fields including SportsTech, Fintech, FashionTech, Enabling Customers Experience, and Operational Solutions for Digital Transformation.

How can I participate in the hackathon?

You can apply for the hackathon by clicking on the “Apply Now” button 

Who is this hackathon for?

Anyone with an idea that is relevant to the themes of the hackathon is welcome to participate. 

Do I have to bring a fully formed idea to the hackathon?

We prefer that you do, but don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers; the hackathon will kick off with an ideation phase, which should help you refine your idea.


We encourage applicants to review the selection criteria and submit the idea that they believe has the highest potential for impact. However, if you choose to submit multiple ideas, the application committee will review all of them and inform you if any of your ideas have been selected for the hackathon.


To determine the best-fit theme for your idea, please review the theme descriptions carefully. If you are still unsure, don’t worry – the application committee will review your application and refer it to the most appropriate theme if necessary. 


Yes, you need to be based in Qatar to participate in the hackathon for all themes except FinTech. If you are applying for the FinTech themes, you do not have to be based in Qatar, but you should have a registered entity. 


Yes, you can apply for the hackathon as an individual or as a team. You will have an opportunity to find other team members in the hackathon.

I already have a team; can I still participate in the hackathon?

Yes, you can apply for the hackathon as an individual or as a team. Make sure to add the details of your team members in the application form.

How many hours per day do I have to allocate to the hackathon?

Each day of the hackathon will have a specific agenda with workshops and deliverables. It’s really up to you (and your team) to decide on the number of hours you want to invest in developing your idea.

Who will be mentoring/coaching?

Business and technical experts from the industry. Each theme will have a roster of relevant coaches that will be shared once the hackathon kicks off.

Do I need to prep for the hackathon?

Other than finding fellow brilliant minds with complementary skills to team up with, there is nothing that you need to prepare for in advance.

What will I get out of the hackathon?

Winning teams will be provided with an incentive in the form of funding and in-kind support. Please read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.

How are the winners selected?

The details will be shared with the participants during the hackathon.

Who will be judging?

The judging panel will be shared with the participants during the hackathon.

What tools will be used in the hackathon?

You will need your laptop to participate in the hackathon. You may be asked to download different tools for collaboration throughout the event.

Will the hackathon be delivered in English or Arabic?

The hackathon will be delivered in English, including the sessions and the participants’ deliverables. However, you will have access to both English and Arabic-speaking coaches for additional support.

I have another question that is not answered in your FAQs, what should I do?

Please send us the question via events@qbic.qa and we will update this list so that everybody can benefit from the answer.


Milestone Plan: Winning teams shall be given the Hackathon Pre-Investment Award (“Award”) as a milestone-based conditional fund. Winning teams shall prepare and sign a milestone plan for the utilization of the Award with an advisor/coach appointed by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and/or its Business Incubators and Accelerators (BIA).  

Eligibility: At least one of the team members of the winning teams shall be based in Qatar with a valid Qatar ID and a local bank account in order to receive the Hackathon Pre-Investment Award for all theme winners except FinTech, which will have a different list of requirements that will be shared in due course. In case of failure to submit the required documents as requested within thirty (30) days, the winning team may be disqualified from receiving the award, at QDB’s discretion.

Program Participation: Winning teams shall be pipelined to QDB Incubation Programs (as deemed fit by the committee, “Program”). Acceptance of the Hackathon Pre-Investment Award automatically confirms the winning teams’ participation in the Incubation Program and commitment to raise follow-on funding. In case the team decides not to continue with the Program or drops out during the Program, the Award disbursement will be suspended, and pending for review with the relevant committee.


Follow-On Funding: The additional funding and in-kind support upon successful completion of the Incubation Program is to be allocated at the full discretion of the judging committee of that specific program. If selected for additional funding, the Hackathon Pre-Investment Award will be integrated as part of the investment agreement (convertible) at the end of the Program. For example, after receiving the Hackathon Pre-Investment Award of QAR 25,000, if the winning team is also selected for follow-on funding from the Incubation Program worth QAR 250,000, then the total investment value in the convertible contract will be QAR 275,000.  


Right of First Investment: The Hackathon Pre-Investment Award grants QDB and/or its Business Incubators and Accelerators the Right of First Investment in the winning teams’ first external round of funding. If the winning team is selected by the committee upon successful completion of the Program, this will automatically be the first external round of funding. If the winning team does not complete the Program or is not selected, then QDB reserves the right to join the first external round of funding within a period of one (1) year from the date of signatures on these terms and conditions. The winning team must notify QDB and/or its Business Incubators and Accelerators regarding the first external round of funding by email to the appointed coach/advisor within the one (1) year period.  


Use of Funds: The winning teams may only use the Award for market validation tests, minimum viable product development, marketing, and legal expenses (subject to approval by the coach/QBIC). Otherwise, QDB shall have the right to suspend / revoke the Award in case the team does not comply with the agreed upon milestones. 

Intellectual Property Rights: The participants shall act in good faith and shall not infringe any new and existing IP generated from the venture. Intellectual Property Rights that are owned by any third party. Should this event occur, QDB shall not be liable for any actions by participants who caused such infringement. Intellectual Property developed by the participants belongs to the participants and the Award does not entitle QDB to any intellectual property rights of the winning teams.

Terms & Conditions: QDB shall have the right to revoke the Award in case of misuse of funds and/or violation of QDB’s terms and conditions. Failure to comply with Incubation Team during the hackathon or after being awarded shall trigger an automatic disqualification from the hackathon and its Awards. 


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